Anouk Kruithof: The Bungalow Book Presentation – presentation

Capricious friend and contributor Anouk Kruithof presents The Bungalow, a book based on art collector Brad Feuerhelm’s private photo archive. Originally published in October 2014 and voted one of the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2014, Kruithof will host The Bungalow Book Presentation – presentation along with artist Elise van Mourick at Onomatopee’s Cabinet exhibition space.

“The Book Presentation – presentation has been arranged in a formal way, with available objects from the gallery, supplemented with festive balloons, suggestive of a celebration. Space seems to come to a standstill, as in a photo. And we are absorbed into the picture. A piece of oblivion in which the historical reality on the snapshots continues to exist.” – Onomatopee

The Bungalow Book Presentation – presentation will open February 27th and continue through March 27th, Thursday-Sunday 1-5PM (by appointment only). For more information on Kruithof’s exhibition, please visit Onomatopee’s website.

Kruithof’s piece Subconscious Travelling is also on view as part of MoMA’s Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015, on display through March 20th.