Brian Kip is a 24 year old photographer and retoucher who lives in Brooklyn. Kip describes his work as "straight photography," adding that he shoots "whatever he finds interesting." Kip relates his work to a particular quote by Garry Winogrand: "I photograph things because I want to see what they look like photographed." He most enjoys post-production, finding a sort of "visual poetry" in the juxtaposition and pairing of images. His work was recently featured in New York City's annual Photoville and he has released a book entitled "Studies" which was self-published. For more from Kip, check out his website and Instagram @brianjkip

22-year old Jennifer Medina spent her childhood in Venezuela, adolescence in Florida and currently crashes in New York City between frequent visits to LA. The geographical variety of her life influences the otherworldly ambiguity felt in her young body of work. Subjects float through cinematic sequences rich with melancholy, color and heartfelt vulnerability. Moments of unmasked longing, lust, playfulness and joy are the product of a genuine connection inspired by Medina's ability to put subjects at ease.

For more on Medina, take a look at her website.

Vivian Weidmann is a 23-year-old London based photographer. Born in LA and raised in Hungary, Weidmann creates ethereal, dreamlike images that range from intimate portraits to cavernous landscapes. Her current project is inspired by her hometown of Budapest and Carl de Keyzer's book 'East of Eden.' Of this work, Weidmann says: "(the project) has welled up a great sense of emotion and nostalgia within me. The photographs are and will be a personal and social documentary about the changes I see Hungary has been going through in the past few years and the still-lingering influence of the communist regime."

For more from Weidmann, check out her website.

Bruno Zhu is a photographer and creator of Born in Portugal and currently living in Amsterdam; his work was most recently exhibited at Jeanine Hofland Gallery in a solo show called 'Cold Open. Minimal, sharp, and finely composed, his current work focuses on the relationship between bookmaking and photography and how that relationship can reexamine and reset structures of visual reading.
For more from Zhu, check out his website.

CALL FOR SUBMISSION – October 3, 2014

Call for Submission CAPRICIOUS NO. 16 — EXES

The next issue of Capricious is about the Ex—ex-lovers, ex-personas, ex-places, ex-lives.

Raging, loving, searching, cloudy, grateful, hopeful, bitter, annoying, banal, curious, divine, electric, furious, fantastic, stuck, absorbed, oblivious, silent, closed, buried, in dreams, salt in a wound, stomach ache. Nostalgia, fondness, tension, avoidance, jealously, withdrawal, restraint, naivety, sentimentality, empathy. Analytical, Intelligent, strong, introvert, secretive, hysterical, domineering, stable, beautiful, peaceful, loner. Exes — Startle those ghosts awake. Lay them bare in a way you never have.

Please submit 4-12 photographs. We accept all formats and all colors. Email your submission (images should be approximately 8×10 inches @ 72 dpi) to:

Not all submissions will be guaranteed a spot in the coming issue yet Capricious will consider your submission for future issues. Please make sure you have model (or any other legally necessary) releases for all submitted work. Capricious has the right to use published material in promotional matters.

Deadline: February 1st, 2014

For further questions, please email

Born in 1986, Toronto based photographer Kristie Muller was kind enough to share a brand new shot which will run in The Editorial Magazine later this month. "I'm excited about it; first attempt at anything fashion in a long long time. It's all very surveillancy." The following piece is from the series "yet" which was exhibited earlier this year at Interstate Projects.

About this series, Muller said: "I was faced with a lot of constraints working on material. The weather was so cold and winter as a whole was especially bad. I tend to photograph open spaces and things that are somewhat clean. In the end, I just photographed water and the tops of buildings, some of the only things that met that criteria." The remaining photos are exemplary of the style and feel of work that Muller produces. Her work toes the line between curiosity and voyeurism, staged and spontaneous – to quote the artist: "I try to create a blurred consistency where its hard to detect which is which. I'm mostly only influenced by the direct content of my photos; each individually. Sounds like nonsense, but it's true!"

To see more of Muller's work, head over to her blog!

“...for we loved each other in a sort of dialectic of magnet and iron filings, attack and defense, handball and wall”

Longtime Capricious friend Diana Sofia Lozano's newest solo exhibition "To Several Futures (Not To All)" opens this Friday, November 14th at 99¢ Plus Gallery in Bushwick!

I have a photograph of you. You are looking in the mirror and your reflection looks at the light of the camera’s flash. I have a photograph of this moment- heavy blocks of shattered concrete pierced the surface of the image, claiming their identity- material chunks of the undeniably real.

The photographs exist as an evidence, the paintings as a document, the objects as anchors. The image exists as a photograph, an extricated gesture, a formable platform:

a rug, a placemat

99¢ Plus Gallery is located on 238 Wilson Ave in Brooklyn, NY. The show runs from November 14th to November 30th - check it out! From more information about Lozano and her past work, go here!

Katherine Hubbard Four shoulders and thirty five percent everything else Nov 9 - Dec 28, 2014

opening Nov 9, 6-8pm

CAPRICIOUS 88 88 Eldridge Street, 5th FL New York, NY 10002

Capricious 88 is proud to present Katherine Hubbard's most recent work of black-and-white silver gelatin prints shot in southern Utah, entitled Four shoulders and thirty five percent everything else. A site she has explored for the past three years, the works set the stage for play between performance and image — placed within a desert landscape marked by sight lines that delineate the field of vision between two facing cameras. Hubbard uses her body to mark the space and depth of the landscape-stage while simultaneously marking the film plane.

A series of black-and-white landscape photographs made with multiple exposures and the compression of numerous points of view into a single frame will be shown in conjunction. Each image becomes a point of consideration in asking how we may look at land now. Four shoulders and thirty five percent everything else is of the belief that all looking is political, as each person does not see the same thing.

Katherine Hubbard is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is a photographer whose practice incorporates performance, sculpture, clothing, text and video. Her performance, A thing and its thing-ness. It’s all just nouns and adjectives baby, 2013, a deconstructed opera in response to historical invisibility was presented at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Additionally, Hubbard’s work has been exhibited internationally at Renseriet, Stockholm, Sweden; University of Maryland Stamp Gallery, Maryland; Higher Pictures, NY and Murray Guy, NY. Hubbard maintains an ongoing collaboration with A.K. Burns exploring the history of queer esthetics, iterations of which have been exhibited at Recess, The Brooklyn Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art, all in New York. Recently, Hubbard and Burns have exhibited their collaborative works in NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial at The Museum of Art and Design, Walk-ins Welcome at Marlborough Gallery and As We Were Saying at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York. Forthcoming in 2015 she will present Small Town Sex Shop, a conceptual clothing project in collaboration with Savannah Knoop at Recess, NY. Hubbard has an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College and is currently part-time faculty at Parsons The New School for Design.

Capricious 88 is a gallery is located on 88 Eldridge Street in Manhattan. For further information please contact Sophie Mörner at or visit our website at

In conjunction with her show, Pony Tails: To Live Play Move and Clash As She Will, Cajsa von Zeipel gave an artist talk at Capricious 88 on Sunday night. von Zeipel read original work alongside Marie Karlberg, Andrew Durbin, Cecilia Corrigan, Lucy Ives, and Sarah Nicole Prickett.

THIS SUNDAY AT Capricious 88!

Hosted by Capricious 88 and Cajsa von Zeipel

6-8 pm
26 October
Drinks will be served

Capricious 88 Gallery
88 Eldridge Street, 5th FL
New York, NY 10002

Five writers read original work based on Cajsa von Zeipel's exhibition Pony Tails: To Live Play Move and Clash As She Will — featuring Lydsy Welgos read by Marie Karlberg, Andrew Durbin, Cecilia Corrigan, Lucy Ives, Sarah Nicole Prickett.
Screening of A to Z by Cajsa von Zeipel.

“In another world, where my girls came alive, they would slap the passive faces of historical sculpture until they at least said something, like – 'what the fuck?!'” – Cajsa Von Zeipel

RSVP here!