Call for Submission CAPRICIOUS NO. 16 — EXES

The next issue of Capricious is about the Ex—ex-lovers, ex-personas, ex-places, ex-lives.

Raging, loving, searching, cloudy, grateful, hopeful, bitter, annoying, banal, curious, divine, electric, furious, fantastic, stuck, absorbed, oblivious, silent, closed, buried, in dreams, salt in a wound, stomach ache. Nostalgia, fondness, tension, avoidance, jealously, withdrawal, restraint, naivety, sentimentality, empathy. Analytical, Intelligent, strong, introvert, secretive, hysterical, domineering, stable, beautiful, peaceful, loner. Exes — Startle those ghosts awake. Lay them bare in a way you never have.

Please submit 4-12 photographs. We accept all formats and all colors. Email your submission (images should be approximately 8×10 inches @ 72 dpi) to:

Not all submissions will be guaranteed a spot in the coming issue yet Capricious will consider your submission for future issues. Please make sure you have model (or any other legally necessary) releases for all submitted work. Capricious has the right to use published material in promotional matters.

Deadline: November 10, 2014

For further questions, please email