Diana Sofia Lozano at 99¢ Plus Gallery

“…for we loved each other in a sort of dialectic of magnet and iron filings, attack and defense, handball and wall”

Longtime Capricious friend Diana Sofia Lozano’s newest solo exhibition “To Several Futures (Not To All)” opens this Friday, November 14th at 99¢ Plus Gallery in Bushwick

I have a photograph of you. You are looking in the mirror and your reflection looks at the light of the camera’s flash. I have a photograph of this moment- heavy blocks of shattered concrete pierced the surface of the image, claiming their identity- material chunks of the undeniably real.

The photographs exist as an evidence, the paintings as a document, the objects as anchors. The image exists as a photograph, an extricated gesture, a formable platform:

a rug, a placemat

99¢ Plus Gallery is located on 238 Wilson Ave in Brooklyn, NY. The show runs from November 14th to November 30th – check it out. From more information about Lozano and her past work, go here.