Friends of Dorothy @ WOW!

Friends of Dorothy assembles all the stars from all the years? Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Sidney Lumet, Michael Jackson, Dorothy Gale, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and your little dog, too? LIVE!, dead and alive again in a gossip-filled, lip syncing, screen test, drag performance of the wonders of Oz.

Featuring today?s most captivating queens from on screen and on stage! MILAN from RuPaul?s Drag Race, SAPPHIRA CRISTàL, MISS GAY NY USofA, and downtown favorites MargOH! Channing and K8 Hardy.

Defying temporality, jumping gender and queering history, Friends of Dorothy reveals and conceals, projects and live-feeds. Don?t stay at home. There?s no place like WOW! May 1 and 2, 8pm.

Admission: 15$ General;  10$ Students/Seniors

More info here.