Kyler Zeleny: Georgia Georgia

Kyler Zeleny, a contributing photographer to Capricious Issue No. 15—BOUNDARIES, presents a new collaborative body of work Georgia Georgia with Russian photographer Yanina Shevchenko.

“Georgia Georgia is a photographic typology and an examination of links between two different geographic regions. The Eastern European nation-state and former Soviet country – Georgia, photographed by Yanina Shevchenko and the American state – Georgia, photographed by Kyler Zeleny were chosen based on word-play as two supposedly different places bound by a tenuous connection— their name.” – Zeleny and Schevchenko

Informing and building on each other’s photographs, Zeleny and Schevchenko both sought to document the people, landscape, and human built environments in their individual, distant regions. Pairing images together, they forged ‘poetic connections’ between their photographs, finding similarities in these disconnected places.

“The photographers have chosen not to perpetuate stereotypes that reinforce what they have known about their respective Georgias, but have decided to be open to a different way of seeing the people and places they interacted with. They didn’t intend to depict them solely as ‘the same’ or ‘the other’. Instead the images are presented as a set of diptychs that capture the very obvious and apparent differences as well as the unexpected similarities.”

To see all photographs from Georgia Georgia and read more about this collaborative body of work, please visit Zeleny’s website.