LOOK: “Market Hotel” by Adam Krause

Adam Krause’s “final look at the rock culture and loft-style living at Brooklyn’s alternative-arts venue.”

image by Adam Krause

From Lauren Espeseth’s Cool Hunting article:

“In “Market Hotel,” Krause captured portraits of the venue’s musically inclined inhabitants and created collages of their homes before they were stripped and renovated. The enduring character of the venue and the magnetism of the people there are almost tangible in each of Krause’s photos. He says that his interest in capturing an individual’s quest for comfort and self-identification?the prevailing theme throughout his work?is especially authentic when the subjects stray from the safety of cultural norms. Besides his familiarity with the Market Hotel as a music venue, he was able to gain access to the loft through a friend who lived in one of the communal spaces. Nonetheless, Krause still gives most of the credit to his camera: “I liken it to how a three-year-old kid can stare at someone, but as adults, that’s not cool. The camera gives me permission to really look at someone.””

See the rest of “Market Hotel” on his website.