Nao Bustamante’s “Soldadera” at the Vincent Price Art Museum

Soldadera is internationally-acclaimed and Randy #2 contributor, Nao Bustamante’s West Coast solo museum exhibition debut. Fusing fact with fiction and the past with the present, Bustamante’s  multimedia installation explores the history of the soldadera’s (Spanish for “female soldier”) role and experience in the Mexican Revolution (1910- 1920). For the show the artist crafted late-Edwardian period style dresses made of bullet-proof Kevlar and shot them using weapons and ammunition appropriate to the era of the Mexican Revolution. She also traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to meet 127 year-old Leandra Becerra Lumbreras, the last surviving soldadera of the Mexican Revolution.

Soldadera is on view until August 1 at the Vincent Price Art Museum in Monterey Park, CA.