OUT NOW | Capricious No.14 ? Masculine

Capricious Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Capricious No.14 ? Masculine.

This 162 page full color publication delves into the many dimensions of masculinity. Roving through a rugged narrative of social rite and ritual, candid portraits, aesthetics and pointed juxtapositions ? we found the Capricious Masculine. It is gentle but still aggressive, its violent, but safe, it is things that we can identify with, but also things that we never understood. We might be imposing masculinity on you, with both with the curation of the magazine and flow, but we are making a statement, we are letting our minds drift, to our own imagination, and by doing so, create a question for you.

Is this Masculine? We say yes every time, but don?t expect it to be the right answer. Because the wrong answer can be better.


Photographers Featured: Ali Bosworth / Stephanie D. Wallace / Robert Hubert / Åsa Johannesson / Christine Osinski / Forest Kelley / Leah DeVun / Collin LaFleche / Susan Surface / Amos Mac / Richard Perez / Anne Hall / Alessio Boni / Jon Feinstein / Benjamin Fredrickson / Daphne Fitzpatrick / Alejandro Cartagena / Danielle Tice / Beni Bischof / Nicolai Howalt / Barrie Hullegie / Brittany Markert / Anders Peterson / Michelle Groskopf / Andi Schreiber / Barakonyi Szabolcs / Cole Don Kelley / Peter Croteau / Yair Steinmetz / Julia Gillard / KarlHeinz Weinberger / Mårten Lange / Ingrid Berthon Moine / Lauren Lancaster / Kerry Skarbakka / Joseph Maida / Stacy Kranitz / JW Fisher + JT Leonard / Ka ManTse / Jackson Couse / Jesse Burke / Christopher Borrok / Ryan Oskin / Viktor Fordell / Adam Joseph Brochstein / Asger Carlsen / Louis Porter / Tine Bek / Eve Fowler / Sadaf Rassoul Cameron / Jonnie Craig / Alfred Gescheidt