Photographer of the Week #101: Tomoki Yaegashi

Our next Photographer of the Week is Tomoki Yaegashi. Yaegashi is a Japan-based artist who creates moving, colorful abstractions. Of the work we’re featuring, Yaegashi says, “In these photographs, I focused on the details of the objects such as the shapes and color. They give me different feelings every time, but they are always still.”

Despite the “stillness” of the objects present in Yaegashi’s work, there is a sense of movement. Or, more accurately, a feeling that something just moved or is waiting to move, as though the still moments captured here are the exception rather than the rule. The power of Yaegashi’s abstraction is that he allows each image to feel transformed within their frame. With bright colors, heavy textures and thoughtful shadowing, the majority of what he photographs exists as something more ephemeral than the trees, shipping containers, computer chargers and awnings that they appear to be.

For more from Yaegashi, please refer to his website.