Photographer of the Week #102: Evgenia Arbugeva

Our next Photographer of the Week is Evgenia Arbugaeva. She is originally from a town in the Russian Arctic and frequently documents that home in her personal work, therby “discovering and capturing remote worlds and people who inhabit them.”

For this profile, we’re sharing some of those images, all from her series Tiksi. Arbugaeva documents the town of Tiksi with great care. There is a concentrated effort to share subtleties that outsiders might miss while also capturing the otherworldly environment that her subjects occupy. Dense snow pacts and freezing water ways fill each photograph, alongside glimpses of the Northern Lights and abandoned sea vessels. Despite the extreme cold that these images express, Arbugaeva is able to make them all feel warm. She gives her viewers the opportunity to see something that feels imaginary, a nearly unlivable climate where people somehow manage to exist.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in various publications including National GeographicLe Monde, and The New Yorker. She recently published a book on this series, available now through The Eyes. For more information on Arbugaeva, please take a look at her website.