Photographer of the Week #103: Rebecca Storm

Our next Photographer of the Week is Rebecca Storm. Storm is from the Pacific Northwest and now lives and works in Montreal.

“Her work is very much informed by synaesthesia—exploring the objectification of prosaic objects and the subversion of gender binaries. She enjoys the visceral qualities of seemingly unpleasant textures and gaudy colours, implementing such themes as femininity, disguise, indulgence and ASMR.”

Storm’s work is captivating in its candid yet high-key implementation. Her bright, exposing flash leaves no detail hidden and can often simplify a composition from, say, a pile of fruit to a palette of popping colours and textures. The work’s content makes Storm’s reality and vision an engaging one to tap into, seeing as the objects hold a familiarity yet are seemingly flattened and decontextualized. You can feel the intimacy between her and her subjects, her and her objects, yet it doesn’t feel like that is a relationship anyone can cultivate. It is a dynamic unique to Storm herself. Her frequent contribution and collaboration as in-house photographer at The Editorial Magazine has made her vision a staple to the magazine’s aesthetic.

Find more of Rebecca’s work on her website here.