Photographer of the Week #104: Christian DeFonte

Our next Photographer of the Week is Christian DeFonte. Originally from San Jose, California, DeFonte now lives and works in New York City.

For this profile, we’re sharing some of his newest work from the series Kewpie Bachan. These four photographs are part of a sixty-two piece collection of works detailing a recent 14 day visit DeFonte took to Fukuoka, Japan. In them, DeFonte explores his relationship with his Bachan, his grandmother. With bursts of color and concentrated lighting, these images tell an intimate story about his grandmother’s day-to-day life.

“DeFonte’s work invites an interpretation of the snapshot, inspired by closeness and concerned with all aspects of play. Christian takes care of his Bachan as she once took care of him–echoing early childhood as he recollects sameness in a new context. Together, they witness the safety of home across the Pacific. He captures a stillness that celebrates both complexity and peace of mind… Kewpie Bachan is not about promoting confusion and dissonance, but about inviting participation in all honesty.” – Madeleine Lowenthal

This series is also part of an upcoming solo exhibition in New York, presented by Madeleine Lowenthal. It opens November 11th, from 11am–8pm, and then by appointment until January 11, 2016. Please contact for more information.

For more on DeFonte’s work, please take a look at his website.