Photographer of the Week #109: Takuroh Toyama

This week, we showcase the work of Tokyo-based photographer Takuroh Toyama.

In his series, Nude, Toyama investigates the relationship between human and nature by photographing a faceless, nude figure within a tropical landscape. On the edges of the ocean, wedged between rocky formations, or submerged in fresh rapids, each photograph documents a different means in which the human body can become integrated within the natural environment. By hiding the face and leaving his subject entirely anonymous, Toyama focuses not on the personal identity of his sitter, but rather looks at the naked body as a piece to the larger natural world. This series of work opposes today’s increasing separation from the environment, and demonstrates how humans and nature can exist harmoniously together.

Toyama has described his relationship to photography as a way in which he can communicate with others outside of the every day. He explains, “I am not good at communicating. The camera is a thing I needed to face the others.” We can see in his series Nude, photography allows Toyama not only to have the courage to face other people, but to face some of today’s problematic issues as well.

Please take the time to look at more of Takuroh Toyama’s work on his website.