Photographer of the Week #110: ChihHsien Chen

Our next Photographer of the Week is ChihHsien Chen. This 22-year-old photographer lives and works in Tainan, Taiwan and currently studies at the Tainan University of Technology.

For this post, we showcase one of Chen’s most animated series Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group. In this body of work, we observe Chen capturing a wild and playful side to Taiwanese youth culture in Tainan where he was born. Chen’s photographs document an imagined, all-female cult where the rules seem to consist of mask-wearing, coloring, and minor acrobatics. His creation of an alternative world in collaboration with a renowned Taiwanese performing arts troupe, allows himself and his young subjects to play and act freely outside of normal social and societal conventions. Riding elephant statues sporting cartoon faces and making back bends in unison become new ways of engagement and interaction with each other. The intention of this body of work is to allow oneself to be eccentric and outlandish, revealing a touch of rebellion in these recorded actions and performances.

For more of Chen’s imaginative work, please check out his website.