Photographer of the Week #111: Mariusz Lemiecha

Our next Photographer of the Week is Mariusz Lemiecha. Originally from East Poland, Lemiecha currently lives and works in Warsaw.

For this post, we are sharing a selection of photographs from Lemiecha’s series End of the City. In this body of work, Lemiecha explores the nocturnal landscape and the natural world that exists unseen after dark. Found along the outskirts of civilization and faintly illuminated by the active cities they border, these empty fields or wooded stretches are entirely absent of human presence. The ombre of colors translated in his photographs seem super natural and vaguely familiar as they are captured at an hour when one does not consciously observe. Consequently, questions of isolation are prevalent in Lemiecha’s work, as he uncovers remote and hidden spaces entirely alone. Commenting on their lifeless nature, Lemiecha describes these photographs as focusing ‘on fading landscapes; to create an impression that they in fact still belong to the city.’ Through this body of work, Lemiecha brings new life to obscure, neighboring places that would be otherwise forgotten.

For more on Lemiecha’s work, please take a look at his website.