Photographer of the Week #116: Paula Prats

Our next Photographer of the Week is Paula Prats. Prats is a Spanish photographer with a Fine Arts background who graduated from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2011.

“Through minimal and clean aesthetics my practice combines a documentary approach with an abstract one. Inspired by my changing surroundings and by looking thoughtfully at simple things, my images often transmit a calm yet certain mystery and ambiguity. Landscapes, objects and people come together to create new associations, meanings and realities.” – Paula Prats

For this feature, we are sharing photographs from Prats’ recent series ÍS. In this body of workPrats invites viewers into a world of whites by documenting her journey amidst an Icelandic winter. Although her focus is uncovering a lack of color in her surroundings, vibrant hues of yellow and blue seep into Prats’ spontaneous compositions, highlighting the smaller details within each photograph. Prat describes her project documenting Iceland as “a personal journey and a portrait of a place that somehow questions travel photography and the notions of the road trip itself.” “IS” are not only the initials of the country where these photographs were taken, but translates to “ice” in Icelandic, a clear aspect to this body of work. By including photographs of ice, human figures, cars, and plant life, Prats forges relationships among various elements along her travels, creating an ambiguous and open depiction of the Icelandic landscape.

Prats’ work has been exhibited individually and collectively and has been featured on sites such as Phases Mag, Aint-Bad, and The Latent Image.

For more of Prats’ work, please visit her website.