Photographer of the Week #128: Mark Fitton

Mark Fitton is a 22-year-old photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His practice explores familial relationships, welcoming relatives into the creative process while working back home in the suburbs of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He is also the Online Content Editor at Capricious!

“Pictures with Janet is an ongoing collaborative project with my aunt Janet, which has developed over the course of two years. This project investigates the transformative power of self-expression as we construct new personas and alternate identities together. This series of work has become a means of forging a deeper relationship with my aunt as we are able to interact outside of our everyday associations. Photography has allowed us to become much closer as relatives, giving us the opportunity to exchange and share inner, personal desires with one another.” – Mark Fitton

Fitton’s work has been exhibited in group shows in Miami, New York, London, and China and his projects have been featured on a number of online platforms including DAZED, Fotografia Magazine, Phases, and Humble Arts Foundation. He will also be included in an online auction for Emerging Artists with Daniel Cooney Fine Art this summer.

For more of Mark’s work, please visit his website.