Photographer of the Week #132: Farah Al Qasimi

Farah Al Qasimi is a photographer currently living and working between Dubai and New Haven, CT while she pursues her MFA in Photography at Yale.

The selection is from an ongoing series entitled, Coming Up Roses, where modes of femininity, beauty and desire materialize and abstract.  Entering the work on a vivid palette of unease and grace, you sense a tenuous equilibrium as identity is found and lost again in a playful motion towards, as Al-Qasimi writes, ‘fantasy and possibility.’

Another charge of her work is “the long history of colonialism in the Middle East, and its influence still lingers – skin-bleaching cream is still widely used in countries where many women are naturally dark-skinned, and colored contact lenses are popular and on the rise.” Al Qasimi states “I wanted to think about what it means when simply existing as you are is a radical act of resistance.”

This striking series contains tender multitudes: a simultaneous layering and shedding of desire and identity. Mirrored in the elusive feminine forms, Coming Up Roses offers up complicated truths within the performative actions and intervening contexts of public and private.

To view more work from Farah Al Qasimi, please visit her website.