Photographer of the Week #142: Taylor Galloway

Taylor Galloway (b. 1990) is a Philadelphia-based photographer who received his BFA in Photography from Montclair State University. His practice currently pursues shifting ideas of sacredness, safe space, and home.

“I find much joy in visiting places that have had an impact and significance on my life and the lives of my family members, wandering around these places in hopes of better understanding why these places have played such a role in this heritage. The places I travel to become sacred grounds. The clues within this series are bread crumbs to myself: that home is not and has never been a singular place – it can be wherever you lay your head or maybe it’s just the way light falls on a group of flowers. Lately I have been feeling more at home, but still have the desire to continue to search of where the next homestead will be.” – Taylor Galloway

Paradise Gardens, Galloway’s most recent venture, is a project concerned with questioning how we flounder to define home as we move farther away from the mythologies we construct around our origins. Pops of vibrancy on muted backdrops lends the series an immersive, almost synesthetic, latter day fairytale quality that evokes the sometimes sore to the touch sensation of returning to childhood spaces as an adult. The series took three years to construct and there is an adrift, melancholic quality that suggests the slow burn of dripping wax. The pictures simultaneously lean into and recoil from the sweet nostalgic sting of memory. Galloway manages to explore this ache optimistically, almost reverentially honoring his roots while allowing new and unfamiliar blooms to burst forth. The Garden feels uprooted and in pain but peacefully so and the series serves as a graceful reminder that we can only lie fallow for so long. Peering into Paradise Gardens is to agree to momentarily join the artist in pursuit of magic in the mundane and to try to find comfort, familiarity, and belonging wherever these things choose to bountifully present themselves.

A book comprised of images from Paradise Gardens will be sold in its second edition at the New York Art Book Fair this September.

For more of Taylor’s work, please visit his website.