Photographer of the Week #144: KangHee Kim

KangHee Kim (1991) is a South Korean photographer based in Brooklyn. Kim has a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Kim’s lush and hallucinatory photographic collages re-examine the idea of images as evidence, rewriting the terms in which we observe and understand photographic information. Kim speaks of a personal code of “photographic honesty” by presenting digital alterations with a mysterious yet confident intention. Through playful experimentation in digital manipulation, Kim creates a world of voids and solids, shadows and reflections, concessions and contradictions; visions that fulfill the artist’s and viewer’s desire for the fluid reality hidden within our surroundings. Each carefully rendered illusion of depth and form redirects our focus from what is immediately recognizable, magnifying the power that can exist within the imaginative, the impossible and the misunderstood.

For more of Kim’s work, please visit their website