Photographer of the Week #147: David Soffa

David Soffa’s work aims to amalgamate observation and poetics, focusing on the polarities of the modern industrialized landscape and the fluidity of visual experience. Fascinated and inspired by the way humankind organizes itself within the spectrum of the natural and mechanized, Soffa’s photographs center on the transformative possibilities of commonplace phenomena: window into portal, object into monument, surface into landscape.

“I’m captivated by the ephemera industry and nature create together, some of them supremely bizarre, some darkly beautiful. “

By maintaining the aesthetic of the wandering photographic eye, Soffa rejects strict narrative language, whilesimultaneously upholding subtlety and sensuality through allegorical gestures and enigmatic juxtapositions.

David Soffa (b. 1987) is a professional fine art and commercial photographer, born and based in Philadelphia, PA. For more information and images of their work check out