Photographer of the Week #148: Luke Libera Moore

Luke Libera Moore (b. 1990) is a NYC based photographer. Moore graduated from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in 2012 and is a 2018 Photography MFA candidate at the Yale University School of Art.

“From this starting position of essential uncertainty, I make work about our seemingly inborn need to prod the world with our eyes as much as our fingers.  That is: our desperate but unachievable need to apprehend Being itself in spite of its ultimate unknowability.  And because our predominant cultural structure of understanding is so heavily based on the sense of vision, the camera is not only my tool but also one of my primary subjects.”

Moore describes his practice as itinerant, fluidly roving yet systematically analyzing the aesthetic microcosms found in contemporary urban landscapes. This act of poetic wandering muses on the psychological and philosophical implications of searching for answers in a world of uncertainty and existential obscurity. Moore redefines the role of seeing as a means to understanding, creating images that tantalize the complex connections between thought and emotion, playing on our natural desire to recognize, define and designate.

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