Photographer of the Week #151: Angela Jimenez

Angela Jimenez is a freelance visual storyteller based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she works on assignment and long term documentary projects. Jimenez’s practice ranges in audio, video, photos and writing; focusing on narratives that reveal and celebrate alternative angles of humanity.

“I am particularly interested in human rights, social progress, the human body and telling stories that complicate or challenge the stereotypical ways of thinking about a person, a group of people or a subculture.”

Jimenez’s project, “Racing Age”, documents the competition of retirement age and older track-and-field athletes in contests that range from local to international. Within the images, challenges of aging bodies are met with a determined will to push forward. Coiled muscles and knotted joints question their limitations as they jump, run, and throw. Wrinkled faces are caught in moments of tense concentration; they later droop with exhaustion or glow with the warm gratification of a completed event. Jimenez’s work is characterized by its sincere simplicity and kind respect for elderly competitors who refuse to resign themselves to tired expectations.

For more information about Jimenez’s recently published book, please visit her website: