Photographer of the Week #153: Aso Mohammadi

Aso Mohammadi (b. 1990) is a Iranian born photographer based in Switzerland. They are currently studying at l’Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne.

Mohammadi’s unusual compositions and diverse textures stand out among the contemporary sea of web ready still lifes and digital manipulations. Mohammadi’s focus ranges from highly saturated conflations of pattern to elegantly playful odes to the everyday object. In their series, Cloth of Wood (2015), a floating composition of traditional Kurdish textiles compliment a densely saturated collage of trees; resulting in a spatially ambiguous backdrop for a specific series of portraits. Mohammadi speaks of this work not only as an experimentation in visual manipulation, but also as a process in building a vocabulary for the fluidity of their personal cultural identity.

Mohammandi’s work is shaped by a practice of spontaneity and photographic intuition, simultaneously presenting a confident aesthetic idiosyncrasy reflecting the artist’s interest in the ethereal and enigmatic possibilities of photography.

For more information on Aso Mohammadi’s work check out their website