Photographer of the Week #154: Farhad Rahman

Md Farhad Rahman (b. 1986) is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer as well as “an observer of life and space around him”. Rahman has a degree in photography from the Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Rahman’s unique style of documentary photography projects an aesthetic sensibility that reaches beyond the conventional relationship between observer and subject. Rahman’s photographs welcome the seemingly magical and unreal as part of the otherwise mundane understanding of our surroundings. Each image seems to float in a suspended moment, a hypnagogic revelation of fleeting interactions found in transitional spaces of urban and rural landscapes.

“Traveling, searching and encountering new places and people are parts of my personal visual journey. Transition in every part of my life and this world inspires me to live and explore more.”

For more of Farhad Rahman’s work visit their website