Photographer of the Week #156: Tommy Kha

Tommy Kha is a Brooklyn and Memphis-based photographer and artist. He is also writing a comic and appearing in some films. Kha holds an MFA in Photography from Yale University.

“My work is about the self in “self-portrait,” the portrait in “self-portrait,” and the hyphen in “self-portrait.”

Kha’s work aims to deconstruct and interpret the fluidity and complexities of the mental, physical and emotional self, while simultaneously experimenting with conceptual boundaries in self portraiture. His series “A Real Imitation” presents an autobiographical narrative, representations of a queer, asian and southern body within public and domestic spaces, interacting with echoes and foils of his own pliable identity. Kha’s presents his own likeness with confident idiosyncrasy, using props and stand-in objects, masquerade and humor, theatrics that embrace the viewer in the surreal poetics of vulnerability.

For more of Kha’s work visit his website: