Photographer of the Week #157: Fernando Palafox

Fernando Palafox (b. 1992) holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. He lives and works in New York City.

Exploring his ethnicity in Mexico, Fernando Palafox focuses on his family’s heritage through portraiture and street based still life of his parent’s hometown. He’s an onlooker into community events and quiet moments of cultural reflection that inspire a re-examination of his identity as a Mexican-American.
Daily life in Mexican homes and streets, serve as the vehicle for Palafox’s documentary journey.  His images describe both the collective and personal identities that he intimately discovers. Handmade flags, patterned table cloths, painted street facades, handwritten names, scars and tattoos all signal the values, experiences, and beliefs that characterize the neighborhood. Public activities are fluidly integrated into intimate explorations of family homes and individual portraits. Ephemeral memorials, altars, and parades reflect a desire to commemorate experiences within a lively community that is constantly growing in the midst of its unique rituals and history.

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