Photographer of the Week #166: Daniel Orr

Daniel Alexander Orr is a photographer based in New York City.  Orr’s work is currently on view at Dateline Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Events in contemporary history are imprinted into the collective psyche through the proliferation of certain images. As we scan and scroll through what we recognize to be significant in the representation of our socio-political consciousness, what happens when we begin to process such events through their aesthetic qualities and formal connotations? Orr’s work embodies this thoughtful shift in recognition, breaking down the hierarchy between objective informational truths and the subjective visual experience.

“[the work] investigates themes of isolation and transience through images of nature’s clash with human desire and longing.  Utilizing a of reportage approach, Orr examines restraint and distance through sampled views of daily life and portraiture.”

His series capturing the 2016 Women’s March in DC, reexamines the event through the forms, shapes, highlights and color fields present throughout the landscape of the march. His photographs present us with a broad perspective of the dichotomous tone of the 48 hour event, ranging from rageful resistance to decorous celebration. While simultaneously emphasizing the microscopic lyrical undertones: broken glass, grimaced expressions, grey skies behind bright signs and flashing lights; capturing the understated political signifiers amidst the tension and chaos.

For more of Daniel Orr’s work visit his website: