Photographer of the Week #175: Nik Antonio

Nik Antonio is a Brooklyn based photographer, born and raised in different parts of the New York City area. Antonio is a recent BFA graduate from Parson School of Art and Design.

Nik Antonio’s ongoing series, Tale of “i”, utilizes portraiture not only as a means for creating narrative through pose, placement and gesture; but also presenting the body as a vehicle for understanding desire and intimacy as universal aspects of personal relationships. The work is deeply rooted in the autobiographical, it creates a window into a lush, cinematographic reality occupied by the photographer, his partner, and composed groupings of domestic objects. In an attempt to place homosexuality in the context of his own personal conflicts and religious upbringing; Nik Antonio emphasizes the subversive nature of photographing himself engaged in a queer embrace, a gesture unapologetically empowering through its genuine vulnerability. By blurring the line between composition and snapshot, each image introduces a new interpretation of privacy, posing the question of how much can be revealed and therefore surmised from sexuality, gender, race, and the political significance of such revelations.

For more information on Nik Antonio’s work check out his website: