Photographer of the Week #19: Liz Nielsen

This week, we highlight some of Liz Nielsen’s newest photos, from the series “Compositions.” The artist prints these in the darkroom using negatives she creates by layering photographic lighting gels. Also included here are several images from her recent series titled “Outer Space.” These images are shot with film and produced as C-prints. Both bodies of work evince Nielsen’s adeptness at sculpting with the physics of light; the resulting images are crisp and geometric, lush and mystical, all at once.

“Liz Nielsen is an artist who works in photography. She has an MFA from The University of Illinois, Chicago, a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and she currently lives and works in New York. Her work has been shown recently at SAIC’s Sullivan galleries, Dominican University, Columbia College’s A and D gallery, LVL3 in Chicago, and in Berlin, Germany’s Schalter gallery. She was named a Breakout Artist, in Chicago’s New City, 2009. Liz is a recipient of the 2011, Dave Bown Prize.” (From MoMA P.S.1’s Studio Visit Blog)

Tonight, Wednesday, July 11 opens a group exhibition at David Zwirner, “People Who Work Here,” in which Nielsen’s work will be included. For more information, visit

And see lots more of Liz Neilsen’s images by visiting her site.