Photographer of the Week #25: Cait Opperman

This week we focus on the work of Cait Opperman, a native of Kansas City and now an up-and-coming photographer in Brooklyn.  She has been featured primarily in group shows in the Northeast beginning in 2011. These photographs are a selection from her most recent work called Necessary Roughness. Of this work she writes:

“The work began to speak to me about what my two homes meant to me. The Midwest offered the comfort of family yet it also represented my repressed sexuality as a gay teenager. Paradoxically, as an adult in New York City I began to experience the carefree youth I felt I had missed out on…While my initial intention was for the images to have universal application, they proved themselves deeply personal and essentially expressions of my own experience and process as an artist.”

To view the series in its entirety please visit her website.