Photographer of the Week #44: Sonya Kydeeva

This week we feature the work of Moscow-based photographer Sonya Kydeeva, particularly her series Boys of Russia. This is an ongoing project and has been shown, in part, by German publication Radius.

Of the series Kydeeva says:

When we started this project – we did not have clearly defined objectives. As an observer, We’ve just wanted to make a visual slice of that part of russian life, which is hardly visible in the center of Moscow, but on the edges and the length of the small towns, is a true portrait. This is a world in itself. And immersed yourself in it, we saw the inner and outer landscapes.

These landscapes are not only lost, they are mutilated: forced austerity, ruin and desolation are combined with the mystique of Russian orthodoxy and the ghosts of Soviet communism.