Photographer of the Week # 45: Sara Macel

This week we feature Brooklyn-based photographer and educator Sara Macel, particularly selections from “Kiss + Tell”. She received her BFA in Photography and Imaging from New York University?s Tisch School of the Arts in 2003, and currently teaches at Rockland Community College.  Sara began this project by collecting stories from strangers and friends that stemmed from the same simple prompt: Tell me a story about a kiss.

She collected and tape-recorded them under the condition that the storyteller remains anonymous. Each photograph was shot with the same camera and lens, and each resulting image lacks any physical human presence. Her goal was to create a “portrait” of the space.

Sara adds: “And yet, in the years that have passed since completing this project, I discovered another truth. Often the setting and circumstances behind a kiss stand out in one?s memory most vividly because each kiss has been shared with the same person. The space was the variable, because that person was the constant.”