Photographer of the Week #77: Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.

Guarionex Rodriguez Jr. is a New York based photographer with roots in Boston, MA, where he attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In this feature, we’ve chosen to include images solely from Rodriguez’s series Segunda Generación. Of this work Rodriguez says, “The start of this project was to challenge the relationship I had with my dad. My dad left his family in the Dominican Republic to start a new life for his kids in the USA. After his father passed away, it seemed like he had some type of regret for always being so far from his family. After convincing my dad to collaborate with me, this was the result.” This ongoing collaboration between the artist and his father allows them to be creative and spontaneous together. These photographs are intimate without feeling revealing, giving the viewer a tender glimpse into their evolving relationship.

If you’re interested in exploring more of Rodriguez’s portfolio, please take a look at his website and his blog.