Photographer of the Week #78: Nando Alvarez-Perez

Nando Alvarez-Perez is a California based photographer who recently received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Alvarez-Perez utilizes a bright color palette, shadows, and mirrors to create captivating scenes frequently featuring citrus, repeating flora, and glass. His immense attention to detail and layering gives these photographs a palatable fullness and textured vibrancy.

Alvarez-Perez says, “I make photographs everyday because the daily practice of photography provides a structure to my life.  Working across all photographic genres, my work deals with the nature of photographic perception itself as I create an ambiguous and open-ended archive of images that reveals and revels in their capacity for slippage and uncertainty.  Together my images constitute a symbolic ecosystem of shared signs—translations from the material world into the perceptual—as I play within the memory of photography and imagine what its future could be.”

Alvarez-Perez has been shown at the Bass & Reiner Gallery and Newspace Center for Photography. Later this year, his work will be featured in a solo exhibition at CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, NY. He’s also published two photobooks, Piss/Cola/California and Lacuna, both available through his website – where you can view more of his past and recent work.