Photographer of the Week #82: Yael Eban

Yael Eban is an Israeli-born, Indiana-raised artist. A recent MFA graduate from the School of Visual Arts, Eban creates works that emphasizes space and perception, as well as identity and place. The images we’ve selected here all come from her Tzabar series.

“The term tzabar is the Hebrew word for cactus. It is also slang for a person born in Israel, a native to the land. The cactus is an analogy for the Israeli personality: overtly tough, but sincere and kind under the surface. My own identity as both Israeli and American is similarly incongruous. I have spent my life oscillating back and forth between these two disparate cultural landscapes. I consider this ongoing series to be my negotiation of place, in which I experience the Israeli landscape as both insider and outsider, native and transplant.”—Yael Eban

The photos from this series frequently feature contradictory images. The natural world, inside. Daylight breaking through concrete. A blue sky where you should only see hard, man-made materials. When looking at these photographs it’s hard to fully assess where you are as the viewer, adding to Eban’s intent to negotiate her dual existences. Her work has been featured in FLOAT Magazine and Paper Journal, among others. For more from Yael Eban, please take a look at her website.