Photographer of the Week #83: Susan Worsham

Susan Worsham is a photographer living and working in Richmond, Virginia. In her series By the Grace of God, Worsham wanders upon seemingly abandoned spaces, a church in particular, that she discovers is still in use. Here, photographs reveal the thin line between abandoned and overused, timeworn spaces. Natural environments similarly are bittersweet, weighted in neglect as wild flora push towards the foreground. Worsham’s work paces between portraiture and quiet still lives, her images gleaning their own grace from the palpable affability of her lens.

Her photographs are held in private collections, and have been exhibited at the New York Photo Festival, The Australian Centre for Photography, The Photographic Center Northwest, and the Danville Museum in Virginia. Her solo shows include, Candela Books + Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, Light Work in Syracuse, New York, and The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans.

To view By the Grace of God and other series, please visit her website.