Photographer of the Week #85: Chloe Sells

Our current Photographer of the Week is Chloe Sells. Originally from Aspen, Colorado, Sells has been working with photography since 1993. Sells lives between London and Botswana, the latter is where she draws much of her inspiration. For this feature, we’ve chosen images from her “SENESCENCE” series. These abstracted prints are unique, analogue C-type prints that Sells created by hand from medium and large format film, which she printed in a darkroom. In her darkroom practice she uses light to produce a tension between what is real and imagined. Some of the smaller pieces from the series have been worked into with acrylic spray paint and marker, to allow the stories created by the relationship between the places and the objects within to expand.

In this particular collection of photographs, we’re drawn to Sells’s use of color, size, and abstraction. Each image is an otherworldly creation, natural in it’s unnatural, manipulated state. Bold hues of green, blue and pink, interpret ferns, leaves, and fluid textures to fill the jagged, varying frames of each piece. Her compositions feel full and cohesive without being overwhelming or oversimplified.

For more on Sells and her work, please take a look at her website.