Photographer of the Week #87: Lauren Marek

Our choice for this week is Bellville, Texas native Lauren Marek. She is a contemporary lifestyle photographer who specializes in documentary and mobile photography, frequently of portraits or events. The images featured here are from her ongoing series, Friday Nights, which showcases Marek’s love of documenting the lives of people in her small, Texas town.

“I’m mostly drawn to the in-between moments—right before or after something important or ordinary happens. But generally, I’m really interested in all moments and their direct link to memories. I’ve always been an avid collector of things like shells and movie stubs, but somewhere along the way that obsession with collecting transformed into collecting moments, memories, photographs. I’ve never really had a good memory; so photographs are reminders of who I am, what I see, and where I’m going. I’m a silent observer, always awaiting unfolding moments.”

For more work from Marek, please take a look at her website.