Photographer of the Week #88: Daniel Everett

Our selection for this week is photographer Daniel Everett, whose work has been shown regularly since 2004. Everett’s photography is dense with grids, patterns, shiny metals, colorful walls, digital manipulations, and staged scenes of objects that are executed with a quiet precision.

“My work originates from a preoccupation with order. I am interested in the divide between an idealized vision of progress and the physical reality of the structures and objects left in its wake. In my work I tend to embrace blandness and uniformity as both a subject matter and an aesthetic value. I use art as a way of sorting through my ambivalence towards the ideals of structure and perfection.”

For this feature, we’ve included images from his Departures and Die Dinge series—which together exude a profound feeling of monotony as well as a structured sense of emptiness. Everett has been exhibited across the US and internationally, as well as featured in numerous publications. Most recently, you’ll find his work in Granta and Standard Edition, a monograph from Etudes. Originally from Ohio, Everett now lives in Utah and teaches at Brigham Young University.

For more on Everett, you can take a look at his website and his blog.