Photographer of the Week #90: Michelle K. Anderson

Our next select is Michelle Kathleen Anderson. She’s a young photographer who lives and works in Chicago, IL, with a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

“I most often take photographs at my parents’ homes, examining rural and small town environments, family secrets, and my own identity and sexuality. I do this with playfulness as to not take any of it too seriously. ‘Two truths and a lie’ is particularly playful with puns, tricks, and deceit.”

We’re drawn toward Anderson’s subtlety and sincere use of color—finding a balance between flashes of intense brightness, compelling multilayered images, and even-toned, focused close-ups. Her portfolio frequently incorporates portraits of her hand, sharing the frame with grains, worms, fruit, bruises. There’s an attention to found spaces and the natural world in her work, with portraits and human focal points appearing less frequently. Anderson’s candid style beautifully captures light, space, and passing moments.

All of the images we’ve chosen to feature are from her series two truths and a lie. She has exhibited internationally. For more of her work please take a look at her website.