Photographer of the Week #97: Louis Porter

Louis Porter is a British-born artist, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. His work has been exhibited internationally and was featured in Capricious Issue No. 14—Masculine. In addition to being part of numerous outside publications, Porter has his own press, Twenty Shelves, with recent titles including The Anatomy of Business and Conflict Resolution.

For this post, we’re sharing images from his series, Discarded Porn. “These photographs of discarded porn represent a subsection of a long term project entitled The Small Conflict Archive. Produced in the Australian city of Melbourne, the project is a form of psychic archaeology, scanning for and isolating small fragments that litter the surface of the city, in search of evidence of the minor conflicts that punctuate our daily lives.”

We’re captured by the humor, framing and bright pops of color present in these photographs. In thinking about the casualness associated with littering, there’s a layered reaction to these images upon closer examination. Pornography is something that is usually kept hidden, buried underneath mattresses or behind velvet curtains. To interact with discarded porn on a leisurely walk—to the grocery store, to the office or to school—feels almost innocent, but then reveals itself to be unexpectedly shocking/surprising/humorous none-the-less.

For more from Porter, please take a look at his website.