Photographer of the Week #98: Jiehao Su

To honor the end of one season as we head into the next, our current select for Photographer of the Week is Jiehao Su and his series Summer’s Almost Gone. Su is a Beijing-based artist, where he studied photography at the Beijing Film Academy. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in a range of publications, including The New YorkerChina Life Magazine and the British Journal of Photography.

“The goal of this project is to rebuild the spiritual and mnemonic connection with my birthplace and to search for beauty and poetic grace in ordinary life.”

Summer’s Almost Gone is an ethereal photo essay filled with animals and botanicals. Toned in muted yellows, clouded blues and faded grays, each photograph embodies its subject matter as well as the series’ overarching theme. Memories of a former home, grass and trees, feet in a cool pool of water, arms warmed by the fading summer sun—tangible emotions exposed through Su’s skilled eye. Summer’s Almost Gone is a bittersweet documentation of a place and season, ever-present in our minds but always close to being forgotten.

For more from Su, please take a look at his website.