Capricious Volume II: Issue No. 12—PROTEST

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This special volume was curated by artist and writer, Emily Roysdon. Roysdon’s focus from the beginning was to mine the experience of protest; and as we forge new expression, transform our idea of “now”, by lifting back the layers of history that brought us here. By simply asking artists/photographers what protest looks like, we received a wide spectrum of work that spoke to the many facets of this critical gesture. The editorial selection unearthed many semblances of protest, among them, compelling images of protest as survival, as performance, and as community. Placed in juxtapose, these distinctive forms, enliven the ways in which singular acts of protest speak to, and inform one another, making visible the common threads of resistance. Roysdon creates a vital dialogue between these seemingly disparate moments in time, and celebrates a composite present, where the documentation of “now”, evokes what has come before and conveys a timeless urgency.

Featuring Photographers

Emily Roysdon / Alessandro Gagliardo / Alice O’Malley / Angela S. Beallor / David Horvitz & Ed Steck / Devin Kenny / Elaine Angelopoulos / Fierce Pussy / Kuba Ryniewicz / Loulou d’Aki / Michelle Dizon / Ruti Sela / Dread Scott / Will Steacy