Capricious Volume II: Issue No. 13—WATER

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Curated by JOFF & Sadaf Rassoul Cameron, December 2012.

With the theme of Water, Capricious delves into one of the most pressing global concerns of the 21st century, finding a dynamic intersection between social consciousness and fine arts photography. Culled from hundreds of submissions, the editorial selection evokes not only the most visually profound forms of water, but documents our shifting relationship with water, whether it be through celebration, or sense of loss.Capricious No. 13 moves through sections like Arid, Drift, and Quiet, a fluid visual narrative honoring water. And speaks to our palimpsest-like landscape, where the rise and fall of water lines are marked, and the history of water remains tangible.The work selected explores a myriad of watery dimensions, from the intimate, as water spills into our personal histories, quietly shaping our daily rituals; to global, as water is tamed, an ancient presence spun through industrialization. What ultimately comes to surface is, to what degree water has, in turn, overwhelmed and overcome us.

Also included, is a special chapter of curated texts by Hanna Wilde, including diverse variations on the theme, from poetry to political essay, to stage performance and film excerpt. This is a celebration of water, a call to action, and reflection, where conceptual aesthetic notions and global urgency coalesce.

Featuring Photographers

Rob Bellinger / Sarah Soquel Morhaim / Michael Werner / Charlotte de Mezamat / Marie-José Jongerius / Sam Irons / D. Bryon Darby / Stepanka Peterka / Martha Fleming-Ives / Sara Cwynar / Seth Fluker / Jacob Ogden / Michael Marcelle / Neta Dror / Luiza Sá / Katheryn Love / Jeanie Choi / Matija Brumen / Willa Nasatir / Christopher Borrok / Philip Gaisser / Bernd & Hilla Becher / David Benjamin Sherry / Tim Trompeter / Kathy Lo / Kyle Tryhorn / Tonk / Lisa Requin / Céline Clanet / Anne Hall / Misha de Ridder / Anne de Vries / Gustav Almestål / Margarita Jimeno / Adi Lavy / Geert Goiris / Ryan McGinley / Laura Plageman / Daniel Beltrá / Kim Hoeckele / Simona Belotti / Stefano Graziani / Lotta Andersson / Martina Giammaria / Kurt Arrigo / Becca Albee / Lina Manousogiannaki / Mark Terry / Linda Hofvander / Allen Chen / Yann Gross / Liana Yang