Le Derrière Cri

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Edited by JOFF, September 2013.

An ink-and-paper Trojan horse full of black, naughty, beautiful, and occasionally new ideas.

LDC revives the tradition of rigorous satire and critique within the theatre of fashion, photography, and contemporary culture. Le Derrière Cri purposely strays from the classic magazine model of interviews, articles & reviews, instead using the vehicles of the editorial industry to subvert the image-making economy we so take for granted. Written by anonymous insiders, pseudonymous provocateurs, and authors attributed with academic precision, LDC’s contents include true stories, academic musings, works of complete fiction and blurry spaces in between. Visually, LDC draws upon the incestuous beauty of the fashion industry itself, resulting in works that nurture surrealism in its purest form.