Muddy by Emmeline De Mooij

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Created in conjunction with de Mooij’s exhibition at Capricious Space in 2010, Muddy, or the inexplainable growth of gravity holds an idiosyncratic variety of original and found photographs (in full-color and duotones), screen prints, and watercolor paintings.

“Gravity grows and my overweight forces me to descend into the ground—behind the skin, beyond daylight. I have signed up for the course ‘Cave Diving Inside the Brain’. When I sink up to my knees into the brown substance, I find myself face to face with a troll. She introduces herself as Muddy and tells me about the ultimate wish for weightlessness. I say, ‘Yes, I see, but, just these heavy clothes I bought myself’…”—Emmeline de Mooij

Artwork by de Mooij and design by Adriaan Mellegers. Printed in Brugge, Belgium at Die Keure.